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The Valencian Government stops Catalan Television broadcasts in Valencia | Catalan News Agency

The Valencian Government stops Catalan Television broadcasts in Valencia | Catalan News Agency.

CNA / José Soler / Gaspar Pericay Coll

València (ACN).- The battle for the language continues in the Valencian Community (or ‘Valencian Country’, as it has been historically called). The People’s Party ruling the Community’s Government decided to take the fight even further and has obliged to end all emissions of the Catalan Public TV (TV3) in the territory. This measure is part of an absurd fight that has been going on for the last 30 years. Valencian regionalism allied with Spanish Nationalism to defend that Valencian is a separate language than Catalan and thus wanting to break the unity of the Catalan language. This politically motivated decision goes against the criteria of all the universities (including all the universities in València), the Spanish court’s decisions and the rule of the “Valencian Language Academy”, which was created by the Valencian Government to split the language unity but whose first ruling was precisely to reaffirm that Valencian and Catalan were the same language. In fact, Valencian is part of the Catalan language, as English spoken in the US and English spoken in England are, despite their dialectic differences. It is the same equivalent with Spanish from Madrid and Spanish from Andalucía, or Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Mexico. They are all part of the same Spanish language, which has many different dialects. Valencian is one of the dialects of Catalan, like other dialects such as the Catalan spoken in Majorca, the one spoken in Lleida or the Catalan from Barcelona.

The government of Spanish nationalists PP, covers covert dictatorship of followers who are heirs of Franco, to the passivity of the PSOE.